Moving mountains


Well…this is weird…

Nostalgic it may feel while writing this..I got to say..I am such a ”LAZY BUM”.

I guess every year I have this resolution that ”by next year I will be this and that”.

I did start well to be honest…but I am sure after the third month…laziness will surely be creeping inside of me.

I don’t know if this is how my life goes..or whatever. But, this year will be different ( with confidence and eagerness in my mind and my eyes twinkling– and yes I am talking to myself).

I will be moving mountains!!!

scratch that..

I will however, try my very best to update as much as I can with this so-called-blog. 🙂

O! bucket list check for New years eve. (see photo- Coldplay #aheadfullofdreamsconcert December 31, 2016)

  • Celebrate new year on a concert.



Croak (Daily Photo challenge 26 – Tonal )

3by: Ely Balmoria (06/24/2009)

YOU came out of the blue
and ME not having any clue;
It was just mere infatuation
that turns into crush to admiration.

Days pass I came to see;
that having you makes my day full of smile and glee.
You’re sometimes wacky..
And YES! You are funny.

and little bit naive..
but that makes you interesting and more enthralling.

I’m not Dapper or Charming.
I’m just a FROG who needed a KISS!


Dreaming ( Daily Photochallenge day 19)


You are in my dreams, and I can’t unsee you and I am losing my mind with all these thoughts of you and I hate myself for thinking so in depth about you, when I probably don’t even cross your mind.



by: Paul Fanous

Oceans crash upon distant shores.
Leaving my soul, wanting. Wanting more.
Palm trees speak on the sand of gold.
Reminding me, of kings of old.
Men with detailed faces, smile.
I contemplate joys, all the while.
Rainbow and birds chirp, on pavement blue.
Never has nature been so true.
Engines rattle violent, on foreign road. Crackles and pops, of a modern code.
My heart pulses, to the music of the streets.
Boom boom bop to peculiar beats.
The sun it shines, just like at home.
Glimmering proud, in eternal dome.
The people strange, yet come what may:
This world so wide has much to say.