My first Solo Backpacking – Bangkok Thailand ( Day 1)


I always wanted to travel abroad…alone.

I want to feel that sense of independence when you are in a new place. Learning their culture and trying their delicacy.

And guess what! I just have the perfect chance to do it.

I plotted my leave. Booked my flight and my hotel. And the rest follows.

Don’t go chasing Airports….

I booked a flight from Dubai to Bangkok. Since I am a self-confess budget traveller, I booked a cheap flight. However, with that cheap flight, I have to wait for 5 hours before I transit from one plane to the other.

My layover is in Mumbai India. My departure from Dubai was @9:45pm, and since it’s a 2 hour travel by plane, I arrived in Mumbai around 12:14 am. Got a bit lost when I was in the airport, but I manage to find my way to the transit entrance, whew!

Some of the things you see in Mumbai Airport

So for 5 grueling hours, I toured Mumbai airport. It’s a big airport with lots of kiosk and stalls. The very helpful thing they have there, was that each part of the airport has this PC station. It is helpful since you can access the net easily. You can access your email or Facebook and Google map. Very neat…I know.

My next boarding was @700am. I was with my ever excited self. The fact that I am 3 hours away to my next destination.Which is BANGKOK.

Got in the plane.Seat belt buckled. And I am so ready to see Bangkok.

When flying is a bore...

Flying alone is lonely. You don’t have anyone to talk to, share your thoughts and what not.

Boring. Simply boring. But…being alone could also mean you can talk to someone you don’t know.I am never a people person. The reason why I plan this travel is to test myself, if I am confident enough to talk to people that I have not met.

Escaping escalators

I arrived in Bangkok and went to the immigration. And I checked out my luggage.


(Note: Once you are in Bangkok, they offer a sim for you to use while you are in the country. I was not able get one since I was not informed about it. )

Suvarnabhumi Airport

I was planning to ride a taxi going to the hotel that I booked. I was thinking to have ta taxi so that I will be able to arrive there early. But since most of my friends advised me to ride the train, I have my Dollar exchange to Baht, and headed to the train station.
I booked my stay in Pinnacle Lumpinee. (

If you will ride a train going to Lumpinee Hotel, you need to change train. From Suvarnabhumi International Airport, then Ratchaprarop Station using the line(s): Airport Link City Line and transfer to Lumphini using the line(s): 13 or 14 or 74.  However, what I did, since it was past 3pm and I was not able to call the hotel ahead, I decided to ride a taxi from Ratchaprarop station to Lumpinee hotel.

(detailed map going to Pinnacle lumpinee –

Language barrier is one of the test I encounter here in Bangkok. The thai people does not have good command in English. So for them to understand, you also need to do some hand gestures and Miming.

After 15 minutes, I arrived in Pinnacle Lumpinee Hotel.

Deluxe room good for 2 person. With TV and hot and cold shower. I can’t complain. 🙂

I was greeted by the hotel staff with smile and a welcome drink. I handed my booking details, provided 500bhat as an initial payment, got my keys, and went to my room.

I booked the room on the 10th floor. My view outside was just so stunning. And yes, it would be cool if I was able to share this piece of heaven with someone.

Since, it was early. I decided to take a rest. Then had a shower. Around 5pm, I went out.

I walked for 5 minutes to the train station going to Silom. I decided to go to Silom since it is one train station away from my place, and I’ve read that the night life there is very alive.

I arrived in Silom around 5:30pm and the place was teeming with Thai people (obviously). It’s just amazing to see a different other nationalities and be lost once in a while.

I walk through the street. And since my stomach was grumbling. I decided to eat my dinner. And the first thing comes to my head was…”PAD THAI”. It was like singing in my head repeatedly. Which I don’t find weird coz I really want to try the authentic Pad Thai in Thailand.
After exploring every nooks and crannies of Silom. I found this restaurant that serves authentic pad thai. While checking the menu, the pad thai is kind of expensive, it was for 200 baht per serving. But since I was  already there, what the hey! I ordered one. The  server was also  telling me that I should  also try the Sticky rice with mango and coconut Ice cream, I oblige.

left to right: Pad Thai, Sticky rice with mango and coconut icecream, lemo iced tea infused with lemon grass. YUM!

Well, my money was not a waste on that place, because the Pad Thai there was DIVINE!!! not really exaggerating, but seriously, it was heaven. The Sticky rice with Mango and coconut Ice cream was to die for. The explosion of sweet and tangy and salty and a little bit of sour in my mouth was really something. I came out from that restaurant satisfied and very happy.

Since the night was still young. I explore Silom more. However, the rain, really ruin my parade. So I went to Starbucks instead and got me a latte.

After 10 minutes. Thank God, the rain stopped.

I ask the attendant in Starbucks if where Phatpong is. She explain to me that I need to take this street and so on.

However, I am not sure why I was brought to Soi 4. Well, soi 4 if you guys don’t know. Is the LGBT strips. Or specifically the Gay strip. Lady boys welcome and greet you to sit on their lounge while enjoying a drink. It was weird because it was not my intention to be lost in that side. But I was thankful though. Because that night was an eye opener for me. 🙂

Some of the stalls I passed by Silom.
Soi 4.

My night could not get any better…I meet 2 lady boys there. And to think I don’t like talking to people that  I don’t know. To my surprise, we were talking about how they arrive in Bangkok, how they come to be like what they are now and what not. It is refreshing, because, I am gay. But I don’t have any gay close friend, and I don’t normally mingle with Gay guys. But being alone, makes me feel like I need to be part of the world somehow. And talking to this ladies was really interesting.

Since I was really dying to try the massage in Thailand, I ask them if they can recommend me a massage parlor where I can have a foot massage. And they pointed a massage parlor across the bar. And without further ado. I went there and ask for a Foot massage with foot spa. And believe it or not it cost me 250bhat only. And that is for 1 and half hour.

After that wonderful massage. I went back to the bar where I was,a while ago. Ordered a breezer so that we can talk a lil bit. But since our talk was getting interesting and my breezer was empty, ordered rum coke to perk my inner self.

I realize that everyone has its own path to choose, be it something great or something that you’ll regret. The important thing is, you tried.

I went back to my hotel a lil tipsy. And yes, no scratches or whatsoever. And I was again alone in my hotel room and no one to share my experience. Bummer.

To be continued..


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