Faith and other drugs (Daily Photochallenge day 31)


I am not a pious person. I am a nomad when it comes to religion. Yes, I was born Catholic. But growing up with the hunger to know which religion is right, my life leads me to a roller coaster of beliefs and uncertainties.

I do believe in God, there is no question about that.

But what troubles me is what to believe and when to believe if the person preaching is believable. Confusing? I know. I only believe in one thing.


I have faith to cushion me when I fall. It is something I hold on to when everything seems to fail, it is my anchor and my strong hold.

I am not against any religion. We have our own beliefs.
And I don’t need to enumerate all the incorrect practices a religion is doing that contradict the 10 commandments of the bible.

After all this is a free world.


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