Of Volcano and Jellyfish ( CamSur Day1- Legazpi to Naga))

Thank God for Yearly Vacation, coz if there is none…i can die…kidding. Im happy that the long awaited vacation i plotted has come. I can go home to my country (Philippines) and enjoy my stay there with Family and Friends.

Every year I always make sure that I go to a place I’ve never been to. I want to have the feeling of awe and  euphoria when you see a place. Good thing I have my wanderlust-er friends who at the last minute decides to join me on my adventure in CamSur.

Well to be honest, our first option was Sagada, in Mountain province. However, due to the news about the accidents and all , we opt not to go there. Which is good because our second on the list is Camsur. So, after 4 months of reading and checking blogs on the net regarding Camarines sur, sent emails to the agencies, and confirming the bookings. We successfully made our Itinerary. Yey!

To CAMSUR we Go!!!

First of, I just want to let you see how this trip looks like ( the arrows said it all 🙂 – click to enlarge ) :

Map of our itinerary

From Legazpi City. We have to ride a bus going to Naga. The reason why we did not take the plane to Naga is because flight from Cebu to Naga is really expensive. And we are on a very tight budget. ( Thanks to the Peso fare @CebuPacificAir offer, travelling to any places in the Phillipines is a breeze) . Other than that, travelling this way is much more convenient, since we will be staying in  Legazpi before going back to Cebu.

( The original plan was, Drop off in Legazpi. go to Naga to do the Wakeboarding and Caramoan the next day. However, since Picture taking is an utmost important to this travel,and if we decide to have the wakeboarding by night, it would be no fun at all. So, we decided to change our course. It will be Caramoan, then back to Naga to do the wake boarding then go back to Legazpi. 🙂 )

So, once we got out from the  Legazpi airport, we hailed a cab going to the Legazpi Bus station. The fare is around 150php ( that’s for the whole cab). Then boarded a Bus going to Naga City. (The fare is 120php/pax). Although It was raining like cats and dogs, it stopped when we arrived at the second town.

Bus ride going to Naga.
Bus ride going to Naga.

We arrived in Naga City around 6pm. The Bus ride going from Legazpi to Naga is 2-3 hours depending on the bus stops. Exhaustion was creeping in, so we headed to the hotel/lodging place we have booked prior arriving in Naga. We stayed in Sampaguita tourist Inn. It’s not a fancy hotel,  but for backpackers like us, this is enough. As long as there is bed and bath, we are good to go. The one we booked by the way  is beside the river bank, which is also walking distance to SM Naga.

Sampaguita Tourist Inn Panganiban Dr Naga City 4400 +63 54 473 8896

After we were settled. We decided to take our dinner. We went to SM Naga. Since it was almost 9pm, and the store is closing, we decided to eat at Biggs Cafe, they are the only open restaurant that time . Yes, no Bicol delicacies since we are really famish. ;).

Dinner @Biggs Diner, SM Naga

We slept early since we will be travelling to Sabang the next day.

End of Day 1.

(to be continued….)





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