From voodoo dolls to hot springs. ( Siquijor- Dumaguete trip)

Who would have thought that this trip was realize.  The fact that my world was kind of Topsy-turvy that time, I badly need a vacation and to be far from the congested jungle of Cebu.


 5am was the agreed time for our rendezvous  in Cebu South Bus Terminal. We plan to be early so that we can be in Siquijor early. Reason is, we have not booked any place yet. Yes, the beauty  of unplan trip, everything is done right then and there.

Since the earliest trip to Liloan santander is around 6am, we make sure we ride the first one, since our time was really, really precious. Aside from the fact that we will be looking for an accomodation once we get to siquijor. 

The travel from Cebu City to Liloan Santander is 4 hours. Bus fare is 130php (as of Jan. 2013 fare). Once you are on Lilo-an Santander,you need to ride a boat to cross to Dumaguete. Fare is 70php (as of Jan 2013 fare).

Bus from Cebu to Santander.

 The weather was really not good that time. It was windy.. We were hesitant to go since the weather was really not cooperating. However, since we are already there and  25 minutes away from Dumaguete…what the hey… we push through amidst the unfriendly weather.

And with all the waves and the almost “im-going-to-puke face” . Yes, we arrive safely in the comfort of Dumaguete port. . 🙂 Thank God.

We rode a tricycle to Robinsons Dumaguete to shop for our food since we will be  staying in Siquijor overnight. Also, we were advised not to buy any food in Siquijor. ( i really don’t know why, but for the safety of our tummy, we bought foods instead, and of course, and water most importantly).

Since we really don’t have the luxury of time. After we bought foods, We went to the port to Dumaguete. The weather was really not cooperating. Light rain shower and very windy.


558203_4765331982778_1473800280_n 408448_4765331462765_631065769_n

When we arrive on the port, we were advise that  schedule of the boat the next boat is @2pm. So we just waited patiently…

Light rain shower is still in our vision and it was windy. 

The weather did not stop us, we still pursue the plan. Amidst the unfriendly weather. 

So we got on the boat. And just Imagine yourself riding on boat, with coffin inside, and your seat number was below the first deck, and you can see the waves crashing, and the waves are not the  normal waves you can see in the shore. This waves are humongous! Mind you, the waves when crashing, well get inside the boat. Good thing,there is something blocking it, because if there’s none, we could have been wet.  

Thankfully, the heavens did hear our prayer, we arrive safe in Siquijor.

after the turmoil..this is how we look like.. credits to eric for taking this pic. Lol


We arrive safely in Siquijor. Weather is gloomy but we are safe.




So, our next hurdle was to find a decent place to stay for the night. We arrive in Siquijor around 3pm. So we have like 2 hours to rummage the town to find one. We rode a tricycle and was asking the driver if he knew a place where we can stay. And he happily say he knows a place. So without hesitation we agreed to pay 300php for the fare and for us to find somewhere where we can rest.


after a checking 3 resorts and 1 backpackers hostel. We are sooooooo dead tired. Thank God we found one.

Casa Playa 

We were so lucky to get one beach hut on this secluded quite place for 1500php for an overnight stay. It’s a bit much but the place was so captivating, you will feel that you are somewhere in bahamas, with your own private beach hut facing the sea. Believe me when I say, if you want a quite time to contemplete, this is the best place.

Little beach hut. 🙂 .

Since we bought food, the hut has a mini kitchen with a stove and ref. so you can actually cook there. We were so happy, because we are like kids playing house.

This is inside our hut!



to be continued…..


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