Pagudpud adventure…continuation

..and so the adventure continues…

Our next destination is the famous seaside of pagudpud. But before you see the pristine and opalescent water, you will be welcome by 2 unusual rocks. I am not sure why it is unusual because its just a normal boulder that was put on that specific space. Well, you decide if it is or not. 🙂

Timangtang Rock 

also known as the Lovers Rock


Bantay Abot Cave

You cannot separate Bantay Abot Cave from the Timmantang Rock for they are believed to be lovers, the former being the female and the later is the male. They are collectively termed as “Lover’s Rock”. This rock is like a bell-shaped, hence the name Timmantang. The rock is covered with grass and bushes.


view on top (Bantay Abot cave)Image

Then we drive through the criss cross street towards Blue Lagoon.  

This is the view that you will see.Image

We have our lunch by the sea. We crave for seefoods…and poof we have a sumptuous lunch of lobster, fish and soup…


erratum: since we are so hungry. We are not  able to take a pictures of the dishes. Anywho…..YUM YUM!!!

And so, after we have our lunch. We head back to Pugudpud. Since we still have time, we sidetrip in Bangi Windmill


Then we went to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

This place was majestic and I am in awe by the ivory color of the stoneImage


going up…..Image

arrived on top…:)Imagesome snippets!ImageOur adventure is almost done. Last 2 stop before we head home…:)

Next stop…Burgos LighthouseImage

the view looking the China sea.Image

The day is almost over. On our way back to Laoag. However, we sidetrip to Laoags famous Dragonfruit Plantation. We were craving for the shake or icecream, however we arrive around 5pm, nothings left. So we just tried there candies.



And that my friends …our adventure ends. This was a once in a lifetime experience. And I am happym because I  have the chance to see this wonderful creation God made. I am sorry for the drab colored pictures. I was trying one of the feature on my DSLR. 🙂
Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask.



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