Pagudpud and beyond…(continuation)

Kuya Arnel’s van arrival for pick up.

Start of Pagudpud North Tour.

First stop. Kabigan Falls

At first, I really thought that the place was like 5 minutes’ walk. And then you can see the waterfall. But NO!  I was a bit aghast coz we walked 30 minutes just to get to the waterfalls. I am not the walking person and I’m not a fan of wet, Muddy street…But the hell, I am already here. The sweat and walking was really worth it. Once you get near the waterfalls you can hear the rushing of the water and the cool breeze welcoming you.  The place was serene, the water is crystal clear, if we only bought us clothes, we will be dipping our overheated body.By the way we paid 30php each for our tour guide. 🙂

and so the trekking begins….


With that 30 minutes trek…i can eat a whole roasted chicken..and can drink 2 liters of water…

note: before going to a place please..i repeat please check reviews and all…due to my short term memory loss…was not able to see this coming…:P …

i was such a gentleman…manang tour guide help me get through this rushing water…:P


Almost there…:)


This is what you will see, minus the black and white color.


and it’s all worth it..:)


Happy wet feet!!!! yey!


After that tiring trekking.  We drank buko juice to quench our thirst.  After which we went to Patapat Viaduct. I was in awe by the place. I thought I can only see this kind of place in the movie. No pun intended. The place was so vivid. The view was picturesque.


Pass by Agua Grande Park, and then we went to Paraiso ni Anton. In my mind, another hiking again..ARGH!!! I was surprise that the said tourist spot is just beside the road.  The thing that draws tourists to this place is the water coming from the little spring that comes out from the roots of the trees. It is said to have healing abilities. We decided to check the water.  Amidst the hotness of the atmosphere…the water was very cold…and it really feels so refreshing. I can stay the whole day there if I wanted to. 🙂


Next will be our pagudpud adventure…:)


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