2nd day High…when waiting is vain..:) Laoag adventure

Travelling always makes me awake. It makes me giddy; it gives me chill on me body.  It’s like all wake up cells are jumping for excitement.  I guess that’s how you’d feel if you are trap in a road of amazeball.  Truly, God is Good. This tour was just a dream. He made me believe that “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”. >_______<

 Well, second day has arrived. And boy, we are E.X.C.I.T.E.D to start our adventure; a lot is in store for us today. 

I woke up early.  When I am travelling I don’t normally get some sleep. So many things run inside my ever active mind. Though, if I can grab a snooze, 3 to 5 hours is enough to fuel my adrenaline rush. But seriously, who cares…I AM TRAVELLING! 

Anyways, we decided to go back to town to have our breakfast, we are waiting for one of our colleague to arrive. You see, our flight was 1 day advance. The reason?  He needs to sacrifice whether to choose his career for promotion or this travel…He choose the latter. 🙂

We went back to Calle Crisologo to have another plate of empanada. With our salivating mouth and eagerness to taste that succulent wrap , we were heartbroken to know that that restaurant will open @10am. And we are there 8am. So imagine how heavy our heart was. But no..that did not stop us… we ask around where we can eat this scrumptious find, and by God’s grace someone lead the way to heaven. Trust me! It’s to die for.  The empanada of Vigan is very different from the empanada in Cebu. That is why we are craving for moooore.  Gastronomically speaking we are satisfied. 🙂



Around 9am we decided to wait for our colleague  in McDonalds, we have our brunch there. Around 11AM.  He texted me that his already in Vigan, specifically infront of Mcdonalds. So we ate our brunch.  Talk a little bit about his travel.  And it would be a pity for him not to see the wonder of Vigan. We toured him to the nearest spots. Of course since we are near Calle Crisologo we started from there.  

Toured around Calle Crisologo with our Friend.



After that, we went back to Casa Teofila to check out and gather our things. Called Kuya Arnel regarding the time we will arrive in Laoag. We decided not to have Kuya Arnel to fetch us in Vigan since it will cost us a lot. We advise Kuya Arnel that we will ride a bus from Vigan to Laoag instead, and he will fetch us in Marcos Museum.

We arrived in the terminal @10am (Vigan Bus terminal). Their timetable is very confusing, so we just ignored it. We waited for the next bus. It was around 1245pm that we are able to get in the bus. Aside from the fact that we are hungry and tired of waiting, the heat was unbearable. We don’t have a choice since that was the only bus that will travel from Vigan to Laoag that time. We rode the Partas bus non-ac for 90php/pax. Travel time is 45mins to 1 hour.

#snoozefeast of to Laoag!!!!


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